'Indiscipline' Amidu not fit to be Special Prosecutor – NDC MP

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Comment: Nonsense as Usual

Kwabena Apuntuah
2018-01-12 15:42:51
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'Indiscipline' Amidu not fit to be Special Prosecu

I am not soo worried about the comments of the NDC neither will I blame Sammy Gyamfi who wants to make a name for himself. As the NDC ordinary will put it, any idiot can sit on TV and spew nonsense by putting a few words together. First of all, being articulate in propaganda does not make you intelligent. Have you all forgotten about these guys and the vile they spewed on the so called "cursed short man"? where did it go? They started speculating and writing articles and posting them here making references to unnamed sources. Alhaji Bature (RIP) helped feed all these nonsense but to naught. Propaganda does not work anymore and it will not work again. NADAA promised Ghanaians a good life, he has 8 years to deliver give him a chance. JDM had 8 years and created, looted and shared with his cronies, even him, make excuses that 1 year of his 8 years was wasted. I will entreat all meaningful Ghanaians who still support the diabolic programs of ndc to stop politics as usual now and come back in 2019 if they still believe Ghana is going the wrong direction. These lies and propaganda and unnecessary processes in Parliament and media to make it look like there are some corrupt practices going on in NADAA's administration will not wash and a waste of our time. Long live Ghana, long live NADAA.

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Kwabena Apuntuah on Jan 12, 2018 15:42
Nonsense as Usual
Nobleman on Jan 12, 2018 18:30