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Comment: H e t e r o s e x u a l i t y

2018-01-12 22:49:08
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I’m not bothered about Martin Amidu’s appointm

Sorry GhanaWeb but you just made me feel the need to go on my "heterosexual" "heterosexuality" rampage for 2018! You just blowed it. I was going to leave that for 2017 but I change my mind. I will try to type the word "HETEROSEXUAL" so many times today. Also I typed "heterosexual" over a THOUSAND times on my blog last year when you were OBESSING over non heterosexuality. So if you are going to start this beautiful new year talking about my orientation. Haha be sure I will be doing this with heterosexuality TEN TIMES FASTER. I am so annoyed with your obsession with my orientation that now I want to make my own picket signs with the word "HETEROSEXUAL" or "HETEROSEXUALITY" on it and walk around down the street with it. Also I want to wear my shirt this year that says "HETEROSEXUALITY is opium"! Also check out BibleSpace&Truth blog on Blogger please!

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Duna on Jan 12, 2018 22:49
H e t e r o s e x u a l i t y