2014 World Cup Commission of Inquiry wasn’t fair to me – Asamoah Gyan

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StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
2018-01-22 21:11:18
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only yr captain

Under your captaincy mahama' govt was forced to fly $3m to brasil. Are u patriotic at all? So u couldn't finish playing the tournamnt, come home and demand your money? Ah! Bcos of your stupid leadership and greed u disgraced all of us. Under you Gyan your leadership. But u see I don't blame you. I blame that shit hole motherfucker akwasi appiah and nyantakyi who took bribes from you to make you captain. Until these 3 ppl are erased from gfa and bstars Ghanaians should forget about bstar winning anything bcos these guys will sell gh to the highest bidder. Look at gyan' career. Does he care about trophies? No! If we had a trophy hungry captain like essien. This disgrace would never have happened. Essien would tell these players to do the job and demand their money later bcos if mahama even fails to pay the players. Ndc supporters will vote him out! U gyan, appiah and nyantakyi u ignored all this and simply used the team and the stage to take gh hostage. I don't even understand why these 3 are still associated with gfa and bstar. Fucking shitholesm u gyan u are a soccer player first and foremost. Are u the only soccer player who creates jobs? Look at what weah and eto, drogba etc are doing? U have no patriotism, no leadership skills and instead of you taking the class u are here saying what? U have been bstar captain for almost 8yrs without a trophy. Idiot. U don't deserve the band anymore fuck off!

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StGhfuo: is this the best you can do? on Jan 22, 2018 21:11
O.Acheaw. on Jan 22, 2018 19:19