'Cash for Seat': Minority walks out as report clears Trade Ministry

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Comment: akans

Abu Dhabi Sanjay
2018-02-07 03:18:54
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My Prayer

in case you don't history of Akans, well let me tell you, Akans came from Mali around 10th century, bono were the first tribe to arrive in Ghana, follow by the so call asantis, Dagombas were also around in Ghana around 10th to 11th century migrated from zamfra through mali and arrive in Ghana, around that time there was no country call gold coast not to even talk of Ghana. and most of that mps you are saying should go out of Ghana, most of them are Dagombas, as you can see your grandfather is not older than their grandfathers so far us Ghana is concern, so how can you suck them? i don't blame you, maybe you don't even have father who you can sit with and get Ghana history, or your father is as illiterate as you, but to make it short, go to Wikipedia and type Ghana history and read, there you will know that, there are some tribes you have to respect in north when your are insulting northerners, mr idiot

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Abu Dhabi Sanjay on Feb 7, 03:18