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Akufo-Addo begins performance review of ministers

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Comment: Bony M and Jimmy Cliff

Kwame Adjei-Mensah, Atlanta GA
2018-02-12 15:29:57
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Akufo-Addo begins performance review of ministers

Bony M goes " I shall sing Sing my song be right or be it wrong .In the day in the night however I feel I shall sing,La la la la laaaa !!! La la la ,la la la la...I shall sing sing my song..Big old Jimmy goes like this:Have you ever lived when you feel like dying ? Who feels it knows it... ..... .... Then you understand what I am saying..who feels it knows it.Mr.president,your position or what you are bond on doing is tantamount to a hernia patient who has decided to perform a surgery on himself. Remember that your ministers are the very people you hurriedly clear off any wrong doings when any charges are raised against them.What assessment are you going to make without singing your own song ? You may but,please don't forget : Big old Jimmy has an answer. Who feels it knows it.

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Kwame Adjei-Mensah, Atlanta GA on Feb 12, 2018 15:29
Bony M and Jimmy Cliff