Get rid of your bitterness – Ablakwa preaches to Amidu

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Comment: Ablakwa, you are the problem, not Amidu

2018-02-14 16:03:51
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Get rid of your bitterness – Ablakwa preaches to

Ablakwa, you are rather full fo yourself. You think you are so good all because the NDC party is a party of fuuls who worship you as a god. They think they have to push you into every committee because you can talk!
Sure, you can talk, but all nonsnse. You had Amidu at your mercy yesterday, but what were you able to do him? We all saw how he floored each and every one of you NDC committee members. Then you come out to tell the world that Amidy is full of himself. We did not hear you make that statement yesterday, because that alone could have disqualified him one time.
Let me assure you: give us all and Amidu a couple of months, and we will all get to know whether or not you can stand on your two feet to throw your weight about. Amidu is surely coming after you. We will know what happened to the millions the taxi driver took away! We will know how you financed your lavish wedding, how you financed your wife's delivery abroad, how you financed your properties abroad, how you financed the filling stations scattered all over the place! Sorry, the fact that someof these assets are not in your name will make no difference, because we are all Ghanaians and know how that works. Amidu will surely find out if all that we hear are true or false. He is going to be your spokesperson from now. Just sit back and watch! But, please, stop those infantile public utterances, because we have had enough of you!

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Ghanaian on Feb 14, 2018 16:03
Ablakwa, you are the problem, not Amidu