Dr. Ayine must withdraw law suit against Amidu - NPP Communication member

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Comment: Leave him alone!

Prof Issifu, USA!
2018-02-15 23:13:08
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Dr. Ayine must withdraw law suit against Amidu - N

With Amidu's unanimous approval by the Vetting Committee and Parliamentary approval, no Supreme Court can nullify his appointment. The reason being that unlike the judiciary branch, the executive branch that made the appointment and the legislature that approved it are both elected by the electorate (All Ghanaians). It'll therefore sound childish for the Supreme Court to do otherwise - go against the sacrosanct will of the people. Case closed! Woyome must start paying the $51 million plus a yearly interest of 28% (2009 to 2018) - Total debt to Ghana is $158 million. Amidu will not fail us! Isha Allah.

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Zoobie-Zoobie on Feb 16, 2018 02:36
Prof Issifu, USA! on Feb 15, 2018 23:13
Leave him alone!