No need for foreign aid if corruption is uprooted - Martin Amidu

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Comment: Good on you Amidu

Kwaku Kyeretwie
2018-02-18 12:56:42
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No need for foreign aid if corruption is uprooted

We think we are going to make Ghana what we had wanted her to be. Corruption and self -centeredness had made Ghana to go poor all of a sudden. How come do we have leaders storing money in foreign countries? W e can recall of a plane full of gold and was apprehended or seized in Istanbul in Turkey and nothing was heard of during Mahama regime of NDC. How can these NDC or anybody of any kind tends to sabotage Ghana for no apparent reason and allowing abject poverty to persist among the population. We heard of Ghanaian Doctors becoming millionaires in dollars all over. where did they amass such wealth? Let see if Amidu can help to put sanity in our financial system.

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Kwaku Kyeretwie on Feb 18, 2018 12:56