Speaker’s utterances insulting – Dominic Ayine

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Comment: Aiyine, stop the ranting!

2018-02-21 04:42:10
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Speaker’s utterances insulting – Dominic Ayine

I don’t understand why this guy is mad about what the Speaker said because, as a lawyer, he should have known that his motion had no merit. He was truly unprepared, and the Speaker did nothing wrong giving it to him that way. Dr Aiyine, help make Parliament a serious institution of government in Ghana and stop the joke. By the way, if you were prepared, you would have known that no notice of injunction had been sent to the Speaker. So why are angry with the Speaker for telling you the truth.? As a former Deputy Attorney General, this shouldn’t have been difficult for you to understand. I think you should rather apologize to the Speaker for your disrespectful ranting on radio

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Asuo on Feb 21, 2018 04:42
Aiyine, stop the ranting!