Speaker’s utterances insulting – Dominic Ayine

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Comment: Idiotic Ayine

Sam Ayi-Kwabena Marfo
2018-02-21 06:10:35
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This Dominic Ayine guy is very stupid

Mahama is also from the North and they know Amidu is aware of their corrupt ways and as such they being the very first ones to be prosecuted. As against this background they have to thwart his appointment in order to save themselves from being held responsible for the death of the late Yaa Naa, the late Atta Mills and the monies they’ve stolen from the national coffers. Their last resort will be to try to kill Amidu with juju which has already failed before starting it .
They will be shitting their pants once he Amidu takes office.

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Sam Ayi-Kwabena Marfo on Feb 21, 2018 06:10