They promised the moon but we are yet to see the clouds - Mahama fires NPP

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Comment: Useless talk

2018-02-25 06:44:00
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They promised the moon but we are yet to see the c

Mr. Mahama you are a state man already so I don't wanna say anything stupid about you but some of the things you said her are bullshit. If I were you I would not even try to contest again. You and your Cohoes disappointed Ghana entirely. How long were you in power? You and your family stole our money and kept it abroad and you want us to vote for you again. Are you not ashamed of yourself? Where did you take your vacation when in power? Is it not abroad? If you have fixed your country well why did you take your vacation outside Ghana? Learn from leaders in US . Shithole former leader you better shut up oo.

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