They promised the moon but we are yet to see the clouds - Mahama fires NPP

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Comment: Mahama is simply a jokker

Lawson Tdi
2018-02-25 07:09:39
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Re: waai look this idiot mahama

You left office just only one year ago and you are crying Ghana is hard? That means you couldnt laid any solid foundation,! Bad roads, filths, high cost of living, power, high prices of fuel etc, are all something you left behind put that in your head

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Lawson Tdi on Feb 25, 2018 07:09
Mahama is simply a jokker
Gyamfi, Damascus, Syria on Feb 25, 2018 06:13
Common sense on Feb 25, 2018 08:30
SPECIAL RETALIATOR on Feb 25, 2018 15:56