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Manasseh must take all the credit, not Mahama and NDC

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2018-02-27 11:28:02
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I want to know if any appointee of Akufo-Addo is alleged to have stolen public funds or if Ghana has lost some funds illegally since Nana assumed office. Maybe you should ask yourself why the NDC has never succesfully prosecuted and jailed any thief but it's only the NPP that manages to see to the successful conclusion of corrupt cases. Whiles you do that, I suggest you ponder about why only NDC appointees go to jail for corruption but not the NPP appointees.

Talk is cheap and whilst the NDC prioritises propaganda over substance, the NPP always go all out to prove their case. That is why Mahama reluctantly put a few of his cronies on trial...it was simply because the evidence was too strong to ignore. When the nation lose it's tax payers money, a government cannot ignore the issues or clear people. What you can do, as the NDC did, is to attempt a false prosecution to deceive the angry masses.

That is why people like Woyome were chased because the evidence was too strong to clear him. Even that scandal should have seen the likes of Betty Mould and others prosecuted. Dzifa Attivor should have faced prosecution but was only made to resign. That is not evidence of one's commitment to fight against corruption. Nobody was prosecuted for the rot at SADA and that alone to inform you about the mindset and caliber of John Mahama.

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Kay on Feb 27, 2018 11:28