Tame the 'animal' in you – Kweku Baako to Ghanaian Police Unit on UN missions

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Comment: Kwaky, ever heard the word; "SOS"?

2018-03-03 15:34:32
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Tame the 'animal' in you – Kweku Baako to Ghanai

Kweky Baako, ever heard the coinage, son of a soldier, "SOS"? These folks are under a lot of stress and soldiers and peacekeers world over have littered around like reckless drivers. Go to apan, iraq, Korea and all war torn zones. Its common don't blame our Police officers. This is a case of the UN victimizing a small country Ghana. Would they have treated the officers if they had come from Russia, China or even Usrael? No! And you talk of image! Talk about the cluelessness of the political ruling not fixing simple crimes ongoing in the country. They are cluless and are taking criticism personal. Ecowas can waite, Ghana must go on. Akuffo Addo has turned Nkrumah into a punching bag at the least opportunity instead of fixing problems, while the criminal family emterprise of the Mahamas are enjoying their booties. Any time Akuffo Addo attacks Nkrumah he will have problems. We acked to win power and he should not make Nkrumsh a subject of family fued. Its Ghana, not Nkrumah or Danquah. That case was settled on March 6th, 1957. Kwame Nkrumah was an Akan whom the elitist in UGCC refused to accept his leadership. We will make a mockery of Akuffo Addo if he does not stop those unprovoked attacks on Dr. KWAMR NKRUMAH. Nigerians are feeling good in country under questionable behaviors and the governing is not probing them; they attack and kill police men, cyber crimes openly and the government has time to talk about nonfact. My goodness. This is becoming a shithole - anus is the shithole Donald Trump referred our leadership in Africa to.

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Igp on Mar 3, 15:34
Kwaky, ever heard the word; "SOS"?