We’ll not experience ‘dumsor’ in Ghana again - Boakye Agyarko

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Comment: Ghana will not suffer Dumsor again

2018-03-08 12:47:14
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Re: We’ll not experience ‘dumsor’ in Ghana again

Months before the NPP came to power, they held the view that dumsor, which the Ndc government has placed on Ghanaians for five years, is not the lack of capacity to generate electricity, but has more to do with finance. Candidly, I do not believe, the Ndc party ministers did not know this situation. They very well knew then, what was true of the power situation of the country. However, they found a way to play Ghanaians up, so they can make money out of the darkness they had put the nation in. They awarded more power generating contracts at inflated costs even at the time it was known, we did not need those extra plants. Because the nation has enough generating capacity. To justify their corrupt behavior however, they berated the Kufuor administration for having failed to add the minimum required generating capacity, during the eight years of their reign. Thus creating a scenario that the Kufour administration was to blame for the Dumsor, which the Ndc palpably know is not the truth. Playing dirty is the stock in trade of the Ndc, but this time round, they overplayed it. Events of the day have opened of can of worms. Contracts the previous Ndc government signed with power suppliers have been negotiated down, by as much as thirty per cent and more. Thus, enabling Ghanaians to now purchase power at a lower price. Industries and the mines are going to benefit likewise. This has come about because a competent Minister for Energy who knows his brief, was placed in the position by a competent leader. Ghana will work again.

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Ritewing on Mar 8, 12:47
Ghana will not suffer Dumsor again