General News Thu, 8 Mar 2018

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NPP gags Obiri Boahen over GHC50bn 'palpable falsehold'

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Comment: NPP gag Obiri Boahen

2018-03-08 10:29:10
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NPP gags Obiri Boahen over GHC50bn 'palpable false

There is no smoke without fire. Ghanaians are interested to know why a deputy Secretary of a major party should made such a claim and his party leadership would discard it out right? Does it mean that Obiri Boahen was day dreaming or hallucinated? This is a serious issue which the entire nation should dig out. People are fighting and dying to enter politics, because of their unholy but selfish interests. Political parties should be made to declare their sources of funding for their political programs. It's unfortunate that the poor are suffering while ambitious political figures are exploiting the poor to enrich themselves. The voters vote politicians into office and these politicians wiuld decide their wages and exgratia. Tose who vote them into office derive no benefit from them. Unfirtunately, Ghanaian stomach politicians are unable to provide even clean water, good roads, and basic needs for the poor- they enrich themselves and neglect the poor. It's sad and shameful to modern day party politics!

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Moshe on Mar 8, 10:29
NPP gag Obiri Boahen