Zylofon Media boss donates GHC50,000 to late Ebony’s family

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Comment: Daddy, Behave well aaaba!!!!

2018-03-24 07:11:36
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Zylofon Media boss donates GHC50,000 to late Ebony

This is one of the most primitive action of godliness I have ever seen. Do they really have to show the Money in bundles like this? Shouldn't just a check or something on paper could have been enough? So if every donations are carried around like this, how, I mean..................and Ebony's father look very much of a brave man trying to overcome his grief but, it seems obvious he's not really bothered about his daughter's death and looks too happy for the death with his loose talk. Hmmm time will tell.

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Adwoa on Mar 24, 2018 00:02
Mark on Mar 24, 2018 07:11
Daddy, Behave well aaaba!!!!