Jail me! Mahama dares Nana

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2018-03-24 11:13:24
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shame on you mahama

John Looter Drama Dramani Mahama is desperate for relevance. See, what he is itching for is an engagement......that Nana Addo would engagement and in that way help pull him from the political doldrums.

Why run to meet the drummers on the outside when they are coming to your house? Kronfuor, weren't you subjected to some investigation by Atta Mills over some padded Brazilian plane purchase. Mills right there and then knew what a mistake he had made, you are a thief, but ill health and time was not on his side. A thief like you had grand design to steal government official vice president residence. No doubt you were the unseen hand behind the over purpose built COCOBOD house in your hometown Bole.....and executive mansion for visiting COCOBOD field officers out on trek. Can you tell us where us in the country did we have similar house built for field officers. The nonsense of it all is Bole does not grow cocoa.

You had plans to steal that Bole COCOBOD executive mansion had you won a second term.

Kronfuor Mahama, wait for Amidu to get up to speed and he shall be knocking on your door very soon. Can you answer us what was your business rushing to Turkey barely a week after your 2012 inauguration over some strange plane carrying some gold from Ghana without proper papers. Wait a minute......who owned that plane? Your brother Ibrahim Mahama.

Since when did you become an errand boy for a plane originating from Ghana, on the way to Iran, but stopped in Turkey? You are a thief 100 percent. Go wey you! Akufo is not like you, he would let the law take its course. I hope you too is not a benefactor of the indemnity clause. Please spend the rest of your time to campaign for its removal so that we can hold you to proper accountability. Kronfuor!

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