Jail me! Mahama dares Nana

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Comment: Jail me! Mahama dares Nana

Medical Services nternational USA
2018-03-24 14:33:35
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Jail me! Mahama dares Nana

Jail me! Mahama dares Nana...
Mr Mahama, for your information, The President do not jail people, Ghana is suppose to be Country with Constitution and Rule of Law. You as former President should know that. In case you do not know Mr Former ineffective President. "it is the LAW that will jail you, it is the PEOPLE OF GHANA that will jail you. By the way do you really think you stand any chance to the Presidency ever gain... Tweeaaaaaa

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Pan-African on Mar 24, 2018 10:58
Medical Services nternational USA on Mar 24, 2018 14:33
Jail me! Mahama dares Nana