Jail me! Mahama dares Nana

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Comment: Nana to mail Mahama

Patriotic Citizen
2018-03-24 15:54:42
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Jail me! Mahama dares Nana

Mr Nana his Excellency, how would u jail a former president who as well brought the country the level you took it over. I don't see any glory in jailing Manama. There are before your nose other bad presidents like yourself. Jail them and yourself first. We did not give you our vote as you cried and begged for it so can come and jail Mahama. I'm not a Mahama fan though, yet I can say he has immensely done well during his tenure. Please show us what you have done and stop bragging about jailing presidents.

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Pan-African on Mar 24, 2018 10:58
Patriotic Citizen on Mar 24, 2018 15:54
Nana to mail Mahama