Man United and Man City lock horns over Jerome Boateng's signature

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Comment: Man U Needs Him More!

G. K. Berko
2018-03-27 13:52:27
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Man United and Man City lock horns over Jerome Boa

Man U is the team that is woefully lacking in Defense and could have greater use for Jerome.

However, Jerome is not the only player Man U needs to boost its Defense. The team needs a better Left-Full-Back. It hasn't gotten any adequate replacement for Patrice Evra since the versatile 'strongman' and defender left.

The weak back line has affected the fluidity of the Mid-Field, making the work more difficult for Mata and Matic.

I also think Jose Mourinho ought to modify his style of play to allow more aggression at the front, instead being stuck with his old and stale defensive posturing all through the season.

The Offense must be allowed to roam around, play their natural positions and freely run around to interact with their team-mates, no matter what formation is applied.

As well as Valencia has kept his new position at the back solid, he has always been more productive in the front at the right wing. He can fly and pull back at ease and make great crosses. He is not shy at taking a crack at goal, either. Why would Jose suppress such a talent, keeping him in the back?

Long Live Ghana!!!

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