We are grateful to Interior Minister, Nana Addo – Nandom Youth

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Comment: We are grateful to our MP

Samuel Dery Saanuo ( Ras Dery)
2018-03-28 23:07:52
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We are grateful to Interior Minister, Nana Addo

Kudos to our hard working MP, but don't you think we are also milking him too much? I suggest we should think of a way to help establish a small company to help the majority of our youth; than the few vunurable people that gets such favours, a school of visual Arts, or a school of indigenous African music and dance to hype our xylophone music where we can train the youth to play with bands outside the region or the country, to attract tourism and also to export both xylophones and xylophonist to western colleges or Black universities which will help us more than living on handouts from our MP. St Julius, you did film directing at NAFTI likewise many of us in other diverse fields, don't you think we can also help in our own small way? Please let's create a furum. It will surprise you of what great ideas will come out of such meetings.

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