Seek greener pastures home not abroad – Samira Bawumia

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Comment: Bravooo Mrs Bawumia

Good job
2018-03-28 17:36:09
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Seek greener pastures home not abroad – Samira B

U have nailed it..so many opportunities back home but they will not listen..let them insult u for Christ sake..u have done ur part as a good mother..i really like u for this comment..even tough am not in Ghana at this moment but I support u fully..i didn't know the opportunities around me until I travelled..now am planning of coming home to set up my own business..they will never listen to u..alow them to go through the Mediterranean sea..since they don't wanna listen..research that came out recently showed that..there are about thousands of African migrants skeleton in the Mediterranean sea..i was sad as I was watching that documentary..madam God bless u for saying the truth

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Good job on Mar 28, 2018 17:36
Bravooo Mrs Bawumia