NDC not calling for coup – Ayine

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Comment: Cunny NDC

2018-03-31 10:17:45
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NDC not calling for coup – Ayine

NDC is causing more harm than good. It is trying to make NPP government look unpopular. As such, every policy that the NPP government put across, they only see it bad. Nothing is good with NPP government led by Nana Addo. Even what is white, they will say is black. Though they had 8years to govern. They did not put any meaningful intervention policy. Even what was there before they came to power, they destroyed them. Yet today they come out against any good policy which is helping the ordinary Ghanaian. So dear NPP communicators, intensify the good policies of NPP and don't mind these Ndc guys who are jealous of NPP achievements so far.

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kk on Mar 31, 2018 10:17