'Circulating Mahama’s passport wrong' – Mustapha Hamid

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Comment: Illiteracy is a Disease

Kwadjo Obuobisa
2018-04-05 14:00:29
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'Circulating Mahama’s passport wrong' – Mustap

The message clearly said he previously traveled on a certain PASSPORT which is Cancelled. The cancellation relates to his previous passport, which might either be expired or full. Anyone whose has renews a passport gets a stamp in the new one that indicate the previous passport number, with the standard notice that such has been cancelled. This has nothing to do with his entry permit / visa into the host country. Whoever sent this information to the gullible public is either an illiterate or devious or both. Junos must feed the public with accurate and enlightening information not any crap like this

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Kwadjo Obuobisa on Apr 5, 14:00
Illiteracy is a Disease