Suit against Amidu: Supreme Court throws out Ayine’s new application

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Comment: Live above reproach

2018-04-19 22:20:44
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Godfred Dame Floors Tony Lithur-Part I

I don't know why Lithur Tony should even agree to take up this matter, knowing the blood bath between him and Amidu during the late Mills reign & knowing very well Amidu used Rawlings as a refere. If I were Tony Lithur I wouldn't render my services in this case. It is on record as the only wise person who advise John Mahama not to release the Montie 3, why engaged in this loosing case. Someone must tell Tony Lithur to read my article & advice him that he should learn from his former boss lawyer Fugar & should not destroy his good image he carved for himself. A lot of things has gone criminal during the Mahama's adminstration and they are yet to go viral. If it is fame & quick silver he has acquired it, he should hibernate and if by God's grace NDC comes to power he must surface. He should not be like Johnny Cochran who finally died a mysterious death defending Abacha's loot. Tony....be very careful with the Mahama & the northern cabal.

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Kojo on Apr 19, 2018 22:20