Don’t be deceived by ‘try me’ flagbearers again - Mahama

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Comment: Serious

Ranas Freeman
2018-04-30 14:23:57
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Don’t be deceived by ‘try me’ flagbearers ag

True this man Have no self respect this man boasted I will work for you and when he got the power his main aim was to punish Ghanaians.the man who deprived teachers and nursing training schools from their allowance the man who deprived the school of blind from their rights the man who impose tax on head porters aka kayayei the man who introduced GYEDA and SADA the man who facilitate dubious payment to Alfred Agbese Wayomi this a chip politician full of nonsense

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Jones Agbehenovi , Abeka Lapas on Apr 28, 2018 19:19
Ranas Freeman on Apr 30, 2018 14:23