Mahama breaks silence; declares intention to contest 2020 polls

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Comment: Mahama is a freak

Mahama aku Mills
2018-05-20 03:15:01
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Mahama declares intention for 2020 polls

You've disappointed us in your term office before by looting Ghana and render the country hopeless, nana is trying to fix all the damages you did , you were there before and you disappointed us big time and now you are saying you'll not disappoint us again, this is like throwing a stone at the tigh of an elephant, it returns back to you. You don't have good intention for our motherland, other than stealing our money and giving it to some individuals and using the state money buying cars for some individuals. Who in his good leadership sense will do that stupid things. You are just like 5 year old kid you know. I pitty you and l know that you are not a leader. You killed Mills to force yourself there and that is showing that you didn't learn nothing yet, you are stupid like a school kid. You need some leadership training. No one who's wise will vote for you.

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Mahama is a freak
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