Too old for public office: Martin Amidu missing as court grants Ayine request to amend case

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Comment: 60 + 2 -year contract = 62

2018-05-20 21:52:28
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He can be on contract Renewable 2 years

Kofi, looking at the problem from all angles, Martin Amidu is disqualified.

Firstly, Martin is disqualified by reason of lack of impartiality. Martin is seething with raw anger against his perceived enemies in NDC and thinks this is a god-sent chance for him to get at his enemies. And his anger is solely because Prof Mills dropped him and took JM. Martin has since sworn to get at JM. So Martin is disqualified by reason of conflict of interest.

Secondly, Martin is well past his “USE BY” date. He might even sleep in court, if even he has not forgotten some of the law.

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TRUMP on May 20, 2018 21:52
60 + 2 -year contract = 62