NDC members jubilate; but mixed reactions greet Mahama’s declaration

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Comment: Idiotic and Clueless NDC members

Sam Ayi-Kwabena Marfo
2018-05-21 08:10:44
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NDC members jubilate; but mixed reactions greet Ma

Ghanaians need education, this sort of education isn’t about read and writing but moral fibre. Democracy is the white man‘s thing and if we as a nation decide to adopt it then of course it should come with all the belongs to it . In a democratic government if a president doesn’t perform or better still is found to be corrupt, his ministers siphoning from nation coffers. As if that wasn’t enough, his wife giving out contracts , diverted proceeds of exports into private accounts which ends up in buying fishing trawlers in a west African country. The president himself diverting funds into Dubai to buy himself a hotel and some properties, now someone should enlighten me how such a person could have the nerves and guts to walk the streets of Accra. Let alone to make it known he wants to run for President again, are Ghanaians so stupid? Which jobs did he creat for Ghanaians. People elsewhere who stole £800 and €15,000 have vanished from the scene and we here talking about Mahama and his thugs who have stolen Billions. Why wouldn’t Trump call us Shit Hole countries?

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Sam Ayi-Kwabena Marfo on May 21, 2018 08:10
Idiotic and Clueless NDC members