UG Medical Centre to begin operations – Government

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Comment: Re: Bravo Mr. Reginald Sekyi_brown

2018-05-31 23:16:05
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Bravo Mr. Reginald Sekyi_brown

The student must be commended, so must First Lady and President Nana Addo. You see unlike the previous second lady who was personally threatening the teacher who requested for chalk, the First Lady did not relent in making things right and they did not come out with foolish excuses as in the last NDC gov’t and when she spoke to her husband the president he acted immediately, this is good for Ghana. However, the least said about the health minister, the better, he was incompetent, combative and ill advised the president, that is very selfish. The president does not know everything but depends on his subordinates and if they are selfish then Ghana suffers. I hope this is a life lesson for the shamed minister of health.

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ChrisC on May 31, 2018 23:16
Re: Bravo Mr. Reginald Sekyi_brown