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Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop an exposé on me - Tamale chief

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Comment: WHY NOW ?

2018-06-02 04:17:43
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Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop my investigation -

I now clearly understand why Jesus Christ wasn't give the chance to continue his good work which landed him into crucifixion. If he indeed, a self styled anti corruption crusader in the person of Kennedy Agyapong is fighting a man who is well known for his stance on corruption, we must as a matter of fact give a big hand of applause to "Lucky Dube", the south african reggae maestro posthumously. In one of his songs, he said, " there is no truth in the world ". Yes, I believe he is absolutely right. I learnt that Kennedy Agyapong's name surfaced in the latest Anas video which is soon going to be premiered and that is the more reason why he is fighting like a wounded lion to bring Anas Aremeyaw Anas down. It seems he is paying people to fabricate stories to taint the image of Anas but I can assure Kennedy Agyapong that it is all too late to carry out his evil ulterior motive. The expose of Kwesi Nyantakyi is definitely going to involve a lot of big fishes including Kennedy Agyapong, who is well known for spewing cow dung. So far, the behaviour of Ken shows that he is been haunted by his own very ghost. Few more days to get to the premiering day, the truth is going to be out for us to know about what's actually going on in the country.

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OGBEMI on Jun 2, 04:17