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Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop an exposé on me - Tamale chief

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Comment: Interesting times ahead,do me I do you

Yussif Fuseini
2018-06-02 06:23:41
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Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop my investigation -

This guy Afiz is not credible but Anas has to sue to redeem himself if he want to continue his work as a journalist,you see any investigative piece that’s edited can never past the test of corruption because believe it or not,if Anas do a video that captures his boss Kweku Baako not even Obama can bribe him to drop that video to disgrace his boss,likewise former and current president.What Anas should ve been doing is to first show the unedited video and allow the police to decide which ones re prosecutable and after the dust is settled,he can now proceed to edit and do a documentary base on the legal outcome of his work for preservation,that way everyone ll believe he’s justified but to edit the video before presenting it to the public ll remain suspect besides a human being can be grateful today and turn ungrateful tomorrow and Afiz is a very good example,at the time he was okey and went ahead to bribe Anas if what he’s saying is true but today he has nothing to lose so it’s on Anas to redeem his image or stop doing secret recording of people.

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Yussif Fuseini on Jun 2, 06:23
Interesting times ahead,do me I do you