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Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop an exposé on me - Tamale chief

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Comment: Anas took $ 50.000......

.?Joseph boateng
2018-06-02 08:06:35
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Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop my investigation -

where is the Anas number 10and 11 vedios people must answer this we know that there is corruption in ghana but Anas is tanish in the image of our country with his under cover journalism why should Anas sell his country to bbc and Al jezera.Anas wanted to black mail president Akufo-Addo but it back fire kwaku Barko also must also get ready to ask questions about the how Anas operate Nana-Addo is not like president mahama.the questions is where the number 10 and 11.

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.?Joseph boateng on Jun 2, 08:06
Anas took $ 50.000......