Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop an exposé on me - Tamale chief

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naa adjeley
2018-06-02 09:30:24
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Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop my investigation -

i have followed both videos and words spoken by hon kennedy agyapong on anas,i tell fellow ghanaian who don't know anything about anas aremeyaw evil and secret doings should keep shout.if you know, then you know anas is not what we see him to be.all that hon agyapong alleges on Anas aremeyaw 90% of them are truth and realistic if don't know never comment under here else thunder fire u and generations.
1.how can anas investigate electricity in ghana and doesn't pay electricity bills in some of his houses own by him and even going extra miles by doing illegal connection, i know what am saying and have proof.
2.how can anas set/entrap people up by cameras and capture them for his own profit gain.how did mr duffour sack unibank manager(mr felicx)by using Anas to entice and set him up and duffuour paid anas for that job not free. do we all that investigation journalism. tell me ghanaians.if hon agyapong is taking some shallow ghanaian will be insulting him unnecessary, NOBODY IS AGAINST SOMEONE FIGHTING BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION IN THIS COUNTRY.BUT SOME METHODS AND WAYS ANAS AREMEYAW USES IS WRONGFUL.
3.ANAS should bring out the investigation he did on parliament during NDC time under mahama and MAHAMA BOYS SCANDAL, i know where am talking from and who anas aremeyaw is in dark, i know when money changes hands anas will never expose you out. I STAND TO ALL THAT MR ABRONYE SAID ABOUT ANAS ON PARLIAMENT SCANDALS, MAHAMA BRIBE ANAS TO CLOSE THAT EXPOSE AND I KNOW BECAUSE ANAS AREMEYAW IS USING DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT AS CLAIM. IF DONT KNOW DARK SIDE OF ANAS KEEP SHOUT AND LISTEN AND KNOW WHERE MATTERS ARE GOING IN THIS COUNTRY.

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naa adjeley on Jun 2, 09:30
Re: Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop my investigati