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Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop an exposé on me - Tamale chief

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Comment: Re: Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop my investigati

2018-06-02 13:05:29
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Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop my investigation -

Something is not right with this Anas investigations....he is just blackmailing people to be rich. Have you seen these our shitholes people doing any good things neither the investigator nor the so claim culprits are innocent... hey reveal your face and do your investigation there are better ways to be under cover than this ,go and ask the FBI In the states and they will show you how...we don't learn. Just this covering on your face is against the law. security needs to identify your face . We take things for granted how about if people start disguising themselves and start killing how are our security going to proof who did what .

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TT on Jun 2, 13:05
Re: Anas took $50,000 bribe to drop my investigati