Egbert Faibille Jnr. trashes Ken Agyapong’s corruption evidence against Anas

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Comment: Still anas

Comot for der
2018-06-04 23:49:51
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Asem beba dabi

Nana, if you are desending you will know from language they where speaking that it was an investigation on going, with Egbert as a bait, and he was part of the group investigating the case. In the work Ana's s doing if you want to catch a drug Barron you have to be part of his empire even some time go to the extreme of distributing drug's. Even Robb pls it's a dangerous work. Which I will never do, if am giving all the money in this world so pls I don't care how much he makes all. Care about is HE unmasking those stealing public funds. I

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Comot for der on Jun 4, 23:49