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Telcos in Ghana must ask why MTN signed a deal with Anas in 2013 - Kennedy Agyapong

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Comment: Ghana interest

2018-06-05 12:34:21
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Telcos in Ghana must ask why MTN signed a deal wit

You see this greedy man thinking he can stop Anas June 6th?this is quite unfortunate because he is not paid by the Government of Ghana to do this work but doing it for the interest of mother Ghana.wether he is corrupt or evil,based on our constitution,private citizens can help protect all this greedy people.They are interested in continue getting rich and the poor will keep suffering.we say no that anymore.we are behind Anas work because no one pays him to do the job and he doesn’t holds any public office to use that office for any gains.The idea of him being corrupt ,I don’t get it at all.foolish bastard politicians

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Joe on Jun 5, 12:34