$13m E.O. fund claim: I’m ready for Amidu’s probe – Mahama

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Comment: We Dare You Mahama

2018-06-19 15:46:57
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$13m E.O. fund claim: I’m ready for Amidu’s pr

Come on Mahama, since when did you become incorruptible?

You are as CORRUPTS as CORRUPTION itself.

Where would Mahama and his family be WITHOUT CORRUPTION?

That doesn't mean the current Akuffo Addo government is corrupt free.

In Ghana the Presidents are the most corrupt as Akuffo is making be believe.

Anyway, this Mahama secretary who pays her? Don't tell me it is the state.

I like that Mahama office logo. The guy is corrupt yet he demand respect. OH GHANA

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Jay+++++++++++++London on Jun 19, 2018 15:46
We Dare You Mahama