Probe Presidency over Nyantakyi's claims in Anas exposé - Coalition

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Comment: When a nation is full of fools

2018-06-21 02:04:08
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#12: Probe presidency – Coalition

Ghana is dancing like a chicken without a head. How can these people come out with such foolish statement just because of "free speech"?

Yes, Kwasi Nyantakyi mentioned Nana's name and when the video was aired, who saw or heard Nana speaking in the video. If Nyantakyi wasn't bragging, why did he apologize?

Nana is not too poor or hungry for money and when he campaigning to become president, what was his repeated message? He said quote "Anybody who wants money should not be part of my government and that person should go to the private sector". Unquote. If the above statement was his message, how can he turn around and use Nyantakyi as a middleman to make money? Any sane mind will see this coalition as a failed political front doing the dirty work of NDC.

Nana is not a "backdoor" president or, a simplistic individual who will just get up and go to Dubai to transact business on behalf of Ghana. What is the work of the Trade Minister?

Does the president travel just like that and who bears the cost? Nana should be loved or likened by all but at times, we have to behave like people who have deep sense of thinking and wean ourselves off that stinking partisan politics.

Leave the president alone because he has what it takes to be a rich man and does not feed on leftovers.

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Pelicles on Jun 21, 2018 02:04
When a nation is full of fools