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Show us your face – Elated school kids ‘mob’ Anas

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Comment: Re: Blackmailer

2018-06-27 09:45:47
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You are all bounc of idiot , lossers . skinpain , jealousy will kill you guys , look who is talking . God bless Anas , I wish we have millions of Anas in Africa , probably you the children of currupt parents will be named and shame for all to see. Anas all the way , we the positive people of Africa will fight you guys by any means , what did your president Akufo Addo said when he was interviewed before he became president , he was asked , How would you fight corruption ? Answer , quote " I will use the Anas methord " Ghananians fight corruption , and stop your foolish NDC , NPP shit , this people are gangsters , and you are fighting and surporting them and enriching them . you guys have the odersity to insult Anas . God bless Anas

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Ajingo on Jun 27, 2018 09:45