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New taxes will cripple businesses – Mahama to Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Re: Instead of support intiatives

2018-07-15 09:42:16
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Instead of support intiatives

My brother what did they used the money they borrowed for in This country Ghana,all this so called past and present Government, apart from sharing and sending it back to the foreign countries to either put in their account or buy houses, check From records how many foreigners in Government come to Ghana to do what our useless leaders repeatedly do all the time they come to power, then after come and impose taxes on the poor citizens, ask yourself if they come to power apart from taxes on us what do they creates for this beautiful country with all this mineral resources God as bless this country with.All they know is every minister using three car and free fuel on expense on the taxes. Please let debates better on this platform and put politics behind us for this beautiful mother Ghana.

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KEB on Jul 15, 2018 09:42
Re: Instead of support intiatives