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Arrest Sir John and Wontumi for engaging in 'galamsey' - CSSMUG

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2018-07-25 23:25:09
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*Sad Time for Ghana*

I’m very very very sad today as a Ghanaian after listening to this song, *as?m yi di ka*. ????????????
I remember during the time I was invited to join the school choir when I was in class four (4) around 1988. “As?m yi di ka” was the first song I practiced on.

After 30 years when I have got the opportunity to live in USA, pursued further studies in USA and travelled to different countries to experience different levels of exposure, I now understand the meaning of this song. *Speak the truth and you will find yourself in a very tight corner*.

As a mining engineer, pursuing doctorate degree in the world’s top #1 mining institution, *Colorado School of Mines* (you can google it) and also the *Only African* in the graduate division of the mining engineering department, it is sad that my own people are frustrating me upon attempting to help government to solve the country’s “galamsey” problems.

I have managed to form a team of 30 strong Ghanaian mining academic and industry experts from *USA, Canada, Australia, Norway and Ghana* to help our motherland address the environmental degradation aspect of small-scale mining in Ghana. This, I believe can enable the miners to work in an environmentally friendly manner.

I bought my own air ticket and travelled home to help but a whole presidential staffer threatened my life with operations vanguard brutality because he thought I would gather certain “unpleasant information” from the grounds.

Unfortunately, *he met a person who could not easily be intimidated* so I proceeded to conduct the fieldwork to understand the “galamsey” problem. The guys mentioned *Professor Frimpong Boateng’s* name as one of the politicians involved in small-scale mining with his son....... *I couldn’t believe it!!!!*

After over one year ban, the Ghanaians who are authorized to work are at home whilst the Chinese guys are still working illegally and degrading our environment. Prof Frimpong Boateng, please come and publicly declare that the allegation from the miners is false.

Else, the president should sack Prof Boateng as a cabinet minister and also the chairman of the inter-ministerial committee of small-scale mining from his government. *Shame unto all the selfish and greedy politicians in this country*. The youth of this country will rise one day and challenge the corrupt appointees.

To all NPP communicators, please defend the party but never shield the greedy ones whose actions may send the party to opposition sooner than expected. We can’t continue like this in Ghana ????????, which is a country blessed with immense natural resources. Thank you.

Solomon Owusu
Citizen Vigilante @ Large
Denver, Colorado, USA ????????

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