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EOCO probes Menzgold

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Comment: Nigerian retail must End..... NANA

Dr Akwetey...... Tema
2018-08-09 14:23:19
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EOCO probes Menzgold

Nigerians are retailing against Ghanaian laws...Nigerian retail must End..... NANA Our laws says a foreigner can't run retail business.Why must we bend and sell our sovereign to Nigerians and the rest. Can we ever try it in Nigeria.Stick your head out in Nigeria as a Ghanian and see your reaction.They hate us...Ghana is for Ghanians and not for ECOWAS.Ndc sold us to Nigerians because they were contributing heavily to Mahamas campaign...knowing very well this government will stand for his people...they sent comedians,actors, politicians, musicians to campaign for Mahama...it back fired.Nigerians and foreigners should seek to mould their structures.Nana is busy building structures for his people

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Dr Akwetey...... Tema on Aug 9, 14:23
Nigerian retail must End..... NANA