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NDC will still win 2020 without Mahama - Kofi Adams

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Comment: Crook

2018-08-10 15:21:08
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NDC will still win 2020 without Mahama - Kofi Adam

Last year July, that animal Mahama travelled to Namibia with two representatives of the controversial Ameri Group to discuss energy opportunities. Mahama refuses to comment. Tried the corrupt scam there also . Corrupt Animal mahama now acts as a consultant for Africa Middle East Resources Investment Group LLC. (AMERI) If they purchased the power plants could have saved one billion now over 5 years with the new extension will make payments cheaper but total now one billion seven hundred dollars as appose to $320 million if purchased And why is mahama still in Ghana laughing at Ghana with his stolen money hidden around world and not in prison ? Forensic check all ibrahim mahama government contracts . $25 million for two days work for Ameri group ? Banks all over not paid back in FULL for loans some special deals to close accounts ...and for the NPP debacle - So MOE now sacked Plus now any other member who' passed the new deal through the system unless it is noted they did not agree .?

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Keane on Aug 10, 2018 15:21