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Kevin-Prince Boateng reveals why he picked Ghana over Germany

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Comment: Speaking Your Mind is NOT a Crime

D'more97 Atlanta, Georgia
2018-09-07 18:18:59
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Trouble Maker!

The Prince just explained to the whole world why he opted to play for Ghana, but you are question his patriotism so sad!

Just like Kaepernick, the former NFL star in his Nike commercial "believe in something, even if it means sacrificing for everything." Guess what because Kaepernick stood for what he believed in, he has been awarded with a Nike contract, and could potentially sue the NFL for colluding against him to lose his football career.

The Prince, and many others not mentioned are civil rights activists. Because some/many Ghanaians are ingrate that is why a player of his caliber is badly missed in the Black Stars.

Like he said, by opting to play for Ghana it help him discover his roots that by itself is huge. It means he is proud to a Ghanaian.

Speaking your mind in the western world is NOT a crime especially against injustice is truly appreciated. Case in point, the Prince fought against CORRUPTION which is rotten to the core in Ghana.

A word to the wise is enough!

Atlanta, Georgia

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D'more97 Atlanta, Georgia on Sep 7, 18:18
Speaking Your Mind is NOT a Crime