Business News Sat, 8 Sep 2018

Government will ensure reliable and affordable gas supply – Amewu

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Comment: JM come save us

2018-09-08 09:56:27
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Government will ensure reliable and affordable gas

Incompetence Adwoa sarfo
Nkontompo People Party JM The Young visionary JM is a visionary. All they can ever say about him is Gyeeda, StX, Subah, Ford, v8. today what are we seeing? Ameri, Nyantakyi’s pocket, Kelni GVG, NIA, Ghana Post, Bank Failures, massive layoffs, nurses strikes, teachers strikes, port rot, chief of staff bribes, 50 Plus v8 convoys, triple track SHS, child trafficking, rampant violence and high crime, womutimi and Sir John Galamsey, Cathedrals, falling Cedi, high petrol and electricity prices, Bost Rot 1, GNPC Rot, Bost Rot 2, ToR collapse, GPHA collapse, high port taxes, Ghana cylinder rot, korlebu rot, cocoa board rot, only family no friends, no dams, no bridges, no railways, no one million per constituency, no factories, no new schools, no new hospitals, filthy dirty streets, no monthly clean ups, disgruntled doctors, concubine ambassadors, police arme robbers, more promises absolutely zero action. We are not sleeping. Our choice is clear, JM Toaso

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