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Ghana’s founder-father: my pride and my shame – where are we drifting?

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Comment: Ghana’s founder-father

Akwasi Boateng
2018-09-11 19:06:20
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Ghana’s founder-father: my pride and my shame

“Think, ye May be mistaken”. Ideas have consequences. Nkrumah was a ‘great’ son of Africa but not Ghana. Most of our current political and economic difficulties stem from his policies. Nkrumah was a Jacobin dictator. who presided over the reckless dissipation of our resources in pursuit of his personal continental and by extension, global ambitions. To achieve that, he turned Ghana into a client-polity state reminiscent of the Norman experiments in medieval Europe. He personalized power, undermined, pared down and encroached upon the independence of our institutions. The state and the president under Nkrumah was viewed as one and the same. “Le Etat ce Moi”. Nkrumah made no distinction between party and government. He was the supreme master of the country.
Basically what Nkrumah did after independence was to construct pillars and insert them under the existing colonial structure. It was an activity which required little innovation. He did not seek for an original improvement of what existed with the intrepid defiance as a philosopher should do. He regarded the colonial structure as fixed and immutable without giving any reasons for them. Rather he asserted and reasserted at every turn, the colonial prejudices of Centralism and political control. We all aware of the content of colonial rule, it will suffice to say it was a relationship of power and asymmetrical dependence. But to what extent was the power wielded? Certainly not in the interest of the colonized.
The Nkrumahist Paradigm Of ‘fiscal populism’, the ‘politics of affection’ and centralized political control is now unraveling. Has poverty being reduced? No
Has unemployment one down? No.
Has inequality being reduced? No.
If none of these central problems have not been alleviated since independence, it will be strange to call the result Development irrespective of the fact that per capital income has doubled. [Tadoro. Against the Nkrumah Paradigm are all the statistics of human well-being. Centralism is a fatal charm and has never worked anywhere: Mussolini in Italy, Nehru in India and the spectacular collapse of the USSR in 1989. It is time for a decisive rupture with Kwame Nkrumah’s ideas of political and economic development.

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Akwasi Boateng on Sep 11, 2018 19:06
Ghana’s founder-father