Mahama sacked me as Security Adviser because I speak the truth - Nunoo Mensah

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Comment: RIP, Old Soldier

2018-09-10 20:37:57
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Mahama sacked me as Security Adviser because I spe

If judges can be bribed, how less Nunoo Mensah. Who has bribed this old soldier to does this nonsense? I will advise him to behave like a wise old man. I will reserve my loaded insults for now and patiently wait if this respected old man will fool again. Mahama is already the flag bearer, so better live with that. Next time you will hear proper advise from me, if you don't want to RIP

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His Excellency The Ugly Dwarf on Sep 10, 2018 19:38
Minaladder on Sep 10, 2018 20:36
Kutsii on Sep 10, 2018 20:37
RIP, Old Soldier
Knockout on Sep 11, 2018 01:05