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AshGold boss wants to buy back Lamborghini he lost in betting war

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Comment: Unintelligent folks..think well!

Kwadwo K.
2018-09-13 10:07:22
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AshGold boss wants to buy back Lamborghini he lost

Unintelligent Ghanaians here spewing all manner of inventives on Dr Frimpong out of their usual sheer jealousy, self righteousness and stupidity are failing to see this is all a publicity gimmick to rebrand these two teams and get people's attention on them...ask your self, hasn't this news wetted your curiosity about the match and its outcome.. We re so so gullible and think with our emotions that we hardly can understand this world to perceive how things work here and this is the reason poverty and penury is at the level it is here. Even majority of the so called "educated" and literates can't think properly...And I see some No. 9s here saying what? Always playing the self righteous and victim card but work on your low self esteems and inferiority complex. Asante is bold and you don't get it....just learn... And those sychopants saying he should have used this amount or that for helping the needy smh... Do you give your selves? Stoo singing that envy and poor man's anthem.. Go work your ass hardand smart, make some great deal of coins, jingle it down to the abode of the poor and needy and render them.

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Kwadwo K. on Sep 13, 2018 10:07
Unintelligent folks..think well!